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Size: about 228*144*72mm
Voltage: 3*220/380V
Current: 3*5(20A)
Accuracy class: 2.0
Frequency: 50hz
Impulse constant: 320imp/kWh
Power consumption: ≤2W, 5VA
Starting current: 0.002Ib
Working temperature: -20~55℃
Storage temperature: -25~70℃
Working voltage: 0.9-1.1 Rated voltage
Utmost voltage: 0.8-1.15 Rated voltage
Average humidity value of year: ≤85%
Creep: Less than 1 impulse when the rated voltage is 115% or current loop without current.

High precosion, high quality, low power consumption,wide load, anti-interference,less error, has the function of anti stealing electricity
The national standard of two percent, our standards of thousands two, the national power supply bureau approved products
Selected imports of chip, measurement, high precision
Adopt ABS injection into a shell, has a good impact resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance and excellent electrical propertiles
This meter has a lack of phase protection, A,B,C phase when any phase lack of phase, the corresponding indicator light is not bright

Package Included:
1 x Three-phase Four-wire meter

Note:Do not connect another sensor

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