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Output Voltage: 0~15V
Output Current: 0~3A
Output Power: 45(W)
Working Voltage: 110V/220V±10%AC 50Hz/60Hz
Operating Environment: 0~+40°C
Relative Humidity: ≤80%
Plug: US Plug(110V)/EU Plug(220V)
Size: 153 x 140 x 206CM
1. Aging of factory product test: such as DC motor, DC fan, car DVD, car stereo, resistor, capacitor and other products of aging test.
2. Battery charging industry: It is perfectly applied to the battery charging industry. It provides constant current charging and then converts to constant voltage trickle charge to prevent overcharging, protect the battery, and effectively prolong battery life.
3. Inverter industry: Overcoming the stuck-in problem of linear power supply relay switching, extremely fast response speeds, and meeting instantaneously varying load requirements.
4. LED manufacturing industry: LED testing, aging.
5. Other occasions that need DC power supply.
Package Included:
1 x Adjustable DC Power Supply
1 x Multimeter Test Lead Wire (pair)
1 x User Manual
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