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This instrument can monitor voltage, current, capacity, electric quanity, power, load impedance, D+/D- voltage, charging time and other data of USB, and supports Qualcomm QC3.0 compatible QC2.0, Bc1.2, and Apple 2.4A and other protocol quick charging voltage ranges, support OTG fucntion.


Voltage measuring range3.30V~30.0V         Resolution Precision0.01V

Current measuring range0.00~5.10A           Resolution Precision0.01A
Capacity cumulative range:0~99999mAh     Resolution Precision0.001Ah
Power cumulative range0~999999mWh       Resolution Precision0.001Wh
Power metering range000.00~150.00 W      Resolution Precision0.01W
Impedance Measuring range1~999.9Ω        Resolution Precision0.1Ω
Temperature Measuring Range0~80℃        Resolution Precision1℃ 
Maximum Timing999Hours 59Minutes 59 Seconds Resolution Precision1s
Timer Charging ReminderCountdown 24 hours,  set value arbitrary 
USB D+ Voltage Range0V~2.999V Resolution Precision0.001V
USB D- Voltage Range0V~2.999V Resolution Precision0.001V
Full Charger Reminder Parameters of Mobile : <2W/0.5Hours
Time to refresh500mS/ times
Measurement rate0.5 times/s
Alarm ModeSiren Sound+ Display Hints
Product size60mm x 60mm x 11mm
Self-consumable flow<0.02A
Working temperature-10~+60℃
Working humidity:10~80(no doubt)
Pressure of work80~106kPa
Certificate: RoHS, CE

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1 x 2 in 1 Type-c USB Tester

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