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Product name: Light Meter
-High accuracy, fast response
-Color LCD display with backlight
-Temperature measurement
-Enable/Disable auto power off
-Automatically revise parameters for nonstandard illumination
-Selectable measurement units LUX/FC
-MAX/MIN record
-Backlight LCD display, facilitating the operation in the dark places.
-Automatic measurement
-Low battery indication


Display : 4 digits color LCD display
Measuring range : 0 Lux~200K Lux, 0Fc~20KFc
Resolution : <1000 : 0.1 ; >1000:1
Spectral response : CIE photopic(CIE human eye response curve)
Over range indication : LCD displays "-OL-" or "-LO-"
Spectral accuracy : CIE Vλfunction(f1’≦6%, f2’≦ 2%)
Accuracy : ±3% rdg±8 d (<10,000Lux),
±4% rdg±10d (>10,000Lux)
Sampling rate : 500ms
Photo detector : Silicon photo-diode with spectral response filter
Battery life : at least 60 hours
Enable/Disable Auto power off : The meter shuts off automatically after 15 minutes inactivity under auto power off mode, disable auto power off is available
Operating conditions
Temperature:-20~60℃,-4~140℉; Humidity: 10%~90RH%
Storage conditions
Temperature:-20~60℃,-4~140℉; Humidity: 10%~75 RH%
Power supply : 3*1.5V “AAA” batteries(not included)

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1 x Light Meter

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