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KPS series DC power supply is a single-group output, high-precision dual display switching DC power supply. The machine has complete operating protection features, high performance, low ripple, high stability and small size. Current limiting protection can protect KPS power supplies and loads from accidental damage. KPS series power supply with temperature control circuit, intelligent cooling noise.


Model: KPS1203D
Input voltage: AC 110V~220V / 220V, 50/60Hz
Output voltage: 0~120V continuously adjustable
Output current: 0 – 3A continuously adjustable
Voltage resolution: 0.1/1V
Current resolution: 0.01A
Power effect: CV1%+10mV
Effect of load: CV1%+10mV
Ripple and noise: Vpp≤1%
Voltage display precision: 1%+1digits
Display resolution: 0.1V / 0.01A
Current display precision: ±1%+2digits
Working temperature: (-10 ~ 45) °C
Storage temperature: (-20 ~ 60) °C
Relative humidity: 90% (40±5°C)
Net weight: 1.5Kg
Gross weight: 1.8Kg
Machine size (mm): 81 (width) × 165 (high) × 220 (long)
Packing size (mm): 120 (width) × 205 (high) × 290 (long)

Style Note:

#01: 110V-220V
#02: 220V


- High efficiency, power enough
- Low ripple, small size, light weight
- Voltage and current dual LED display, high precision
- Voltage regulation, current limiting, easy operation
- Dual voltage input, convenient selection
- Temperature controlled fan cooling, low noise, long life
Application area:
1. Production line test
2. Electrical maintenance
3. Product aging
4. Battery charging
4. Laboratory, research teaching
6. All other situations where DC power supply is needed
Package Includes:
1 x DC Power Supply
1 x Power Cord (AU Plug)
1 x Output Line
1 x Instruction Manual
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