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The product is a kind a of economical regulated DC power supply with high quality and stability. LED 3-digit voltage/current display (optional), full range overload protection, and Min voltage setup make the series the ideal choice for universities and colleges, factory production lines, electrical home appliances maintenance.


Single way output, easy to operate.
Small volume, large current output, high power density.
The adjusting knob is divided into coarse and fine tuning of two level operation.
Two sets of 3 – bit LED indicate voltage and current value respectively.
The current limit protection is adopted, and the current limit point can be adjusted arbitrarily.
It has overload protection, short circuit protection and over heat protection functions.
Uses the ring transformer.
Aluminum housing parts + mute fans, air duct design, reduce unnecessary shell openings.
4mm terminals conforming to international standards.
1. Power voltage: 110V/220V,  50HZ/60HZ
2. Output Current: 5A
3. Power Effection:  CV:≤5×10-4+3mV    CC:≤5×10-3+3mA
4. Load Effection:  CV:≤5×10-4+2mV    CC:≤20mA
5. Ripple and Notice:≤1mVrmS
6. Output Ripple and Noise: ≤1mVrms
7. Operating Temperature: 0-40', RH≤85%
8. Storage Temperature: -10-80'C, RH≤80%
9. Dimensions: Dimensions: 240×110×160(mm) 
10. Weight: 3260g – Best quantity (in general, The DC POWER SUPPLY heavier, its quantity will be better)
Package includes: 
1 x MUSTOOL MT3205 30V 5A DC Power Supply
1 x Power line
1 x User Manual ()
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